The America I knew is finished

I’m 80 years old and the America  I knew is finished .

The America I grew up in was very different from today. Most everyone thought America was  good and didn’t mind saying so. Teachers, parents, policemen, adults in general, were respected and treated with respect. Fathers worked and supported their families. Single parenthood and divorce were rare. Violent crime was an unusual occurrence, murder was rare. My town of about 12,000 had four patrol officers, 2 each shift. Cohabitation, adultery,  a man and women in a hotel/motel room was illegal. Forceful rape was a CAPITAL crime. Reviling a police officer was a crime. Unlawful Assembly was illegal. The legal definition of  Unlawful Assembly included “speech or acts to intended to intimidate” a routine objective of most assemblies today (ie; No Justice, No Peace). As we do with much of the Constitution we ignore that the 1st amendment says “right of the people peaceably to assemble”. Now all of those positive traits and many others have literally reversed. A glaring fault in my earlier life was the shameful  treatment of African Americans but I lived to see that blight corrected.

When I started university in 1958 I was introduced to a new thought, “my parents and the adults in my sphere were probably wrong in most of their beliefs and I needed to question them”. I was shocked and amazed. Such notions had never entered my mind. Even back then the corruption of American society had begun.  In the next decade that kind of thinking (and teaching) had spread to all levels of public education and had come to include a philosophy of distrust of authority of all kinds. It has degenerated to such a point that now children are taught that America is basically bad and was corrupted in its founding.  A 30 year old American educated in many public school systems and most universities has been taught that insidious philosophy all of their lives. Is it any wonder that we find ourselves in the quandary we suffer with in today’s America. God Help Us!

BTW: Don’t rag me about the treatment of LBTQ+s. We didn’t treat them. We didn’t notice them. I’m sure there were as many then as now but they minded their own business like we did. They did what they did in private like we did.

For years, watching increasingly radical notions become accepted I wondered if America was becoming so radicalized it was beyond saving. My fears were finally confirmed when I read:

House votes down proposal to ban DOD payments for gender transition surgeries

The House voted down a Republican proposal that would have prohibited the Pentagon from paying for gender transition surgeries for transgender service members, 209-214. Twenty-four Republicans joined Democrats in opposing the measure.

GOP Rep. Vicky Hartzler, of Missouri, had introduced an amendment to the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would have rolled back an Obama directive requiring the Defense Department to pay for transgender surgeries. Continue reading →